Meet The Roasters – the backstory of a @planetbeancafe coffee bean

On 20th September we will be looking at how to properly roast great coffee beans so that their magic can be tasted and enjoyed. But that taste starts with the grower and harvester. 

This 5 minute video (from Fairtrade company Planet Bean in Ontario, Canada) tells the story of their growers, pickers and dryers.

Thanks to them for sharing. For more on Meet The Roasters click here


Meet The Roasters. Brock, @badgeranddodo

Brock kicked off in 2008 and I have been a consumer of his beans for a couple of years (or longer). I do stray from time to time but keep coming back to his fair-trade and organic bean: Sumatra Aceh – Gegarang village.

He started at the front end of the trade (as a Barista and now a judge for the Irish competitions) and moved to roasting. Like our other two roasters at Meet The Roasters he’s proud of the end product and equally proud of the roasting that is part of the process that leads to an outstanding cup of coffee.

Here he is on his roasting machine…. “DOCTOR O”

Our customised cast iron, 30Kg roaster. Roasting entirely via a soft fluid bed of hot air, gives a smoother richer flavour. We coupled this a state of the art modulating profile system which allows us to develop ideal ‘roasting recipes’ (ie profiles) for every bean type. This profile system ensures precise repeat-ability – right down to the degree and second. In an industry where ‘consistency is king’ this is a vital piece of technology.

More information on the Saturday 20th Sept event and bookings here.



Meet The Roasters – Ferg, @roastedbrown

Back in 1996 I learned HTML in a premises on Curved Street in Temple Bar. I can’t remember if coffee was a thing for me then – I suspect it wasn’t and couldn’t have been given the lack of roasters and good coffee shops in Ireland.

It is now. And Curved Street is home to Roasted Brown, a small scale coffee roaster and coffee shop too. I’ve never met Ferg who is the owner/roaster so I’m looking forward to that on the 20th at Meet The Roasters.

Right now (and as far as I can tell from their Facebook and Twitter feeds, no website?) they roast for Love Supreme, Grove Road, The Happy Pear and Bias all in Dublin.

And a video of Ferg via The Happy Pear 🙂

More on the event on the 20th here (which also features Brock, Badger & Dodo and Jennifer, Ponaire)


Meet The Roasters – Jennifer Ryan, @ponaire

Jennifer is one of only a few female coffee roasters in Ireland (could be the only one, we must ask her :-). She is one of 3 roasters with us on Saturday 20th September

She is also one of the few roasters in Ireland with a formal certification for fair-trade beans and those beans, together with many of her non fair trade ones, have netted Ponaire 14 Great Taste awards over the years. They are available to buy from Dunerana, Donegal to as far SouthEast as Wexford town and as far SouthWest as the Dingle Penninsula. 


And finally a clip of Jennifer in action in 2012

For more information on the event and on Brock (Badger & Dodo) and Ferg (Roasted Brown) click here.


Coffee Angel, Coffee Roasters. Ireland


While Badger and Dodo (link to previous post) braved the outdoors for Savour Kilkenny Karl Purdy from Coffee Angel was working indoors for Foodcamp. He combines the art of good bean sourcing with the science of brewing and both genders were fascinated to hear him share his knowledge and passion on the day. In the third photo you can see him demo’ing his set up to Donal Doherty from Harry’s Bar with Sally McKenna in the foreground.

He brought this new bean grind to Foodcamp and planned on using the feedback he received to write the tasting notes – a new form of crowd sourcing :-). I enjoyed it but did not verbalise that as well as some.

You can buy his coffee online at his site btw.


Badger & Dodo, Coffee Roasters. Ireland

There are not too many good coffee roasters in Ireland and I have enjoyed coming across Badger and Dodo and the guy who started it (Brock Lewin) a couple of times in the last 3 months. Most recently at Savour Kilkenny where I queued in line for a Soya Latter – really, really good with beans roasted 2 days beforehand.

And a bag of their filter ground has been giving me my kicks every morning since :-). Check out their online store at their site.



Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco

Thanks to @jkeyes for the tip-off. This video homage is to Four Barrel Coffee, coffee roasters in San Fran.

As with many small scale coffee roasters they work directly with the growers of their beans to ensure they build up long term relationships instead of purchasing beans from the marketplace where commodity dealers rule,


Artisan Coffee, online at Facebook

Equator Coffees is, in their words, a coffee roaster, tea purveyor and coffee farm owner offering distinctive micro-lot coffees and rare teas to fine restaurants, hotels and retailers.

They have built out a storefront within their Facebook page allowing you to complete a purchase without leaving Facebook. Does this make sense? Probably – although it was wierd for me to see the shopping area in that environment.

Should small food brands sell within Facebook? I guess it is similiar to selling your brand in a multinational retailer – some producers see that as a good thing to do and others do not. There are a lot of grey areas when you mix ideals and passions with commerce.